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Bill Bowers: It Goes Without Saying

January 9, 2016 * 7:30 pm
A co-production with NYS3

*BEST PRODUCTION Award, United Solo Int’l Festival, 2010

*BEST SOLO SHOW, BEST DIRECTOR Awards, International Fresh Fruit Festival, NYC, 2008

One the most acclaimed multi-disciplinary artists in America today, Bill Bowers employs an eloquent mixture of music, monologues and mime in his on-going investigation of the silence surrounding the enigmatic matters of gender in our culture today. Often compared to Chaplin and Keaton, he has performed throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. In this 75-minute joy ride, Bill Bowers shares hilarious, heart-breaking, and unbelievable true stories from both his career and his lifelong exploration of the role silence plays in all our lives.

It Goes Without Saying takes the audience on a scenic tour of Bill’s life thus far; from growing up gay in the wilds of Montana, to his outrageous jobs as a performer, to the whirlwind of working on Broadway, and studying with Marcel Marceau. Compared to the work of Claudia Shear, Lisa Kron and David Sedaris, It Goes Without Saying is an auto-biographical tour-de-force.

*OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE Award, Dallas/Ft. Worth Critics Forum Award, 2008
*NEW YORK TIMES Critics Pick, 2006

“Bill Bowers is joy, wit, wisdom, compassion incarnate and his physicality is the closest any of us will come to flying without wings. And his stories…oh his stories.”
-CHERRY JONES, 15 Time Award-Winning Actor

“Bill Bowers is a real theatre artist. Working with the simplest of tools, he creates a world of poetry, meaning and deep emotion.”
-TERRENCE MCNALLY, 24 Time Award-Winning Playwright

“He presents a portrait of small-town America filtered through his own experiences that’s both moving and funny. Bowers effortlessly brings us to laughter and tears, often at the same time.”

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