• Follow spot
  • Mirror ball with rotating motor
  • Casters—assorted sizes of swivel and fixed
  • Fog chiller coolers for low-lying fog effects (fog machine not included)
  • 1200 W single-speed fog machine
  • Bubble machine
  • 12 Dimmer self contained lighting system (Edison plugs, adaptable to DMX)
  • Portable sound system (12 channel board, amp, 2 front speakers, monitor)
  • 4 unit/headset clear-com with 2 speaker stations
  • Various theatrical curtains


  • 1930s Oven and Stove Top
  • 1977 Amana Radarange Microwave


  • 2–vintage salon hair dryers
  • 4–pedestal style diner bar stools, red vinyl cushions
  • White iron patio/garden furniture
  • Green Méridienne style chaise lounge
  • Pink/dark brown woodwork Victorian couch
  • Police office-style partner desk
  • Porch Swing
  • 1930s/1940s aluminum/linoleum dinette sets (red and yellow)
  • Assorted couches, chairs, tables, desks—ranging in period and style


  • 1923 International Harvester truck, used in The Grapes of Wrath
  • Cast iron wood burning oven, on dolly
  • Laundry/dry good hampers, assorted sizes
  • 2–full size tin-metal knights (statues, not suits of armor)
  • Wired street lamps
  • 13–2D birch trees with attachable foam foliage tops (not self standing)
  • Generic city skyline ground row
  • Oliver! London skyline ground row
  • Jungle ground row
  • 8–foam Greek columns, range from 12’-9’ tall
  • Beauty and the Beast 2D chandelier
  • 2–8’ Star columns, pink
  • 16’ length of chain-link fence with end posts
  • Peter Pan doll house with removable top
  • Oliver! Wooden rustic coffin
  • Rustic restored wooden wheelbarrow
  • 1920s vintage wheel chairs
  • Period steamer trunks, barrels, and suit cases
  • Period typewriters, phones, payphones, radios, adding machines, cameras


  • Rifles
  • Hand guns
  • Pistols
  • BB guns
  • Switch blades
  • Bowie knives
  • Brass knuckles
  • Handcuffs
  • Fencing foils
  • Samurai swords with sheaths
  • Various shop-made broad swords

Feel free to ask about any specific furniture or prop piece you are looking for.  Some pieces must stay in original condition.  Other pieces may be altered and/or painted.  Intentions to do so must be stated in rental agreement.

Questions? Please contact Jill Summers our Technical Director at 828-254-2939 x 27 or