About the Lobby Gallery

The Asheville Community Theatre Lobby Gallery is open Tuesday – Friday from 10-4 and one hour
before curtain on show days. We are excited to showcase an array of works by local artists.

For more information about future exhibits or having your work exhibited contact Sara LeDonne.


Assemblage by Oliver French

Assemblage piece by Oliver French

Oliver French is prolific, innovative, and intuitive.  Describing his approach, his style, his vision is akin to one setting out to describe every level of appeal held within a field of sunflowers on a summer afternoon.  His diverse creative sensibilities converge upon and manifest themselves in every project he undertakes.  He is a fine artist, a guerrilla artist, illustrator, creator of installations, jewelry, designer of furniture, an interior designer, a fabricator, a production designer, a stone mason, and is constantly recreating himself artistically.   His last project was an 18 foot wood sculpture which was commissioned by a private party in Asheville. His philosophy is: always keep moving.  He resides in Asheville, NC, his adoptive home.”

Excerpted from “Spotlight On: Oliver French” by M.K. Bullock, senior editor, The Okeechobee Arts Monitor