About the Lobby Gallery

The Asheville Community Theatre Lobby Gallery is open Tuesday – Friday from 10-4 and one hour
before curtain on show days. We are excited to showcase an array of works by local artists.

For more information about future exhibits or having your work exhibited contact Sara LeDonne.


Outside Eyes: Drawings & Paintings by Julie Armbruster


About the Artist

Julie Armbruster has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries throughout the East Coast and Abroad, including the School of Architecture in Venice Italy, 80 Washington Square Gallery in New York, Rebus Works in Raleigh, and Satellite Gallery in Asheville. Often seeking shows in alternative spaces, her work has been exhibited in skate shops, bars, music venues, restaurants, tattoo parlors, and record shops.

Julie Armbruster was born in Voorhees, NJ in 1979 and has lived in upstate New York most of her life. She received a Masters in Painting from New York University in 2003 and has studied abroad in Italy and Germany.  Following grad school, she moved to Asheville, North Carolina where she maintains a studio at The Wedge in the River Arts District.

Artist Statement

I am a mixed media painter, working with graphite, acrylic, and ink, to create a catalogue of images that convey my perceptions.

My most recent work delves further into the imaginative world of the individual characters and their personal struggle to understand their unique potential.  Often realized as human-animal hybrids, they attempt to make sense of the reality they are presented with.  The characters evolve and shift seeking some sort of resolution, but they are often faced with resistance and frustration as they are forced to work together against forces that threaten their existence.

The characters seem disturbed, yet are set in a familiar illustrative context with bright colors and complex textures.  The combination of layered materials and concentrated attention link the process of automatic drawing and repetition to the preoccupation with finding meaning and satisfaction within the materials and act of creation.

The characters are formed from daily social observations and experiences, and are fed by my own paranoia and curiosity.