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Tuesday, October 14, 2014 * 7:30 pm

incongruenceAfter its most successful World Premiere in 35below last summer which was presented by Different Strokes Performing Arts Collective, the play is going to New York City! Ivy Theatre Co. is presenting the revised, INCONGRUENCE: A (trans) Gender Looking Glass, directed by Audrey Alford. It opens November 8th at the Fourth Street Theatre (NYTW).Perhaps you saw the original version and want to see what’s new? Missed the premier and want to see what the fuss was about? (Was there a fuss?) Perhaps a send off? Along with the generosities of ACT, the original cast from DSPAC and friends, we are happy to present a Special Staged Reading of the new script. Returning original cast will include: Dalton Allen, Paul Gallaher, Kirby Gibson, Patrick Hackney, and Darren Marshall. New in the cast, but certainly not to the play, will be CJ Breland, Steph Hickling Beckman, Caitlin Lane, and Artemis. We also welcome to this happy company of incongruent players, Joseph Barcia and Cary Nichols.

Incongruence has been called a roller coaster ride of emotions. Individual stories taken from over twenty-five interviews of transgender experience, mostly from right here in WNC: parents, siblings, partners, friends and of course out of Carla’s life. All blended together. Please come, take a seat again and hold on! (Sorry no seat belts). Seriously, we feel there is something for anyone brave enough to pay attention and peer into a looking glass that is Incongruence.

All proceeds beyond local production fees and taxes will benefit the production of Incongruence in NYC. There will also be opportunities to make additional tax reimbursable contributions in support of the NYC production. Find us soon on indiegogo.com

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